AutoTURN Pro Webinar: Swept Path Analysis for Vehicle Site Circulation | 3D Clearance Analysis | Wind Turbine Transport

Watch as Transoft’s product expert cover three trending topics and learn how you can address each one with AutoTURN Pro. The learning session will walk you through advanced methods for evaluating vehicle site circulation, checking vehicle ground clearances at roundabouts, and simulating oversized wind turbine transport.

What you’ll learn in the webinar:

  • Discover how the patented IntelliPath™ tool applies artificial intelligence to help designers study routes and automate the vehicle turning paths for site circulation analysis.
  • Learn about field tests and research and how they were used to create steering linkage capabilities to handle vehicles transporting wind turbines (blade or tower sections) and how the turning behavior of the simulations were verified against collected field data.
  • The grading design at roundabouts often presents challenges for certain vehicles like low-boys and other LGCV (low ground clearance vehicles). Find out how 3D swept path envelopes can pinpoint conflicts and prevent grading issues at the design stage.